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This Week's Top 10
1. Laurie E. Roberts (5)
Come With Me
2. Myles Mitchell (4)
Worthy is the Lord
3. Myles Mitchell (4)
Hoshanna Yah Hoshanna
4. Laurie E. Roberts (3)
He Reigns
6. Rosalind Hershkovitz (1)
Sos Asis Ba'Adonai
7. Broken Walls (1)
07 Song to the Creator
8. Helen Shapiro (1)
9. Zemer Levav (1)
O That I Had Wings
10. Zemer Levav (1)
My Soul Thirsts

Newest CDs & Artists

Hebrew Prayer 1-4  by Various Artists The Best Of Shlomo Carlebach Disc 1 & 2 by Shlomo CarlebachOn My Knees by Oxana Eliahu Even There  by Zemer Levav Soul Arise     by Sally Klein O'Conner Celebrate O Israel  by Carol Snelling Come Let US Reason   by Myles Mitchell Israel Arise  by Lenny & Varda Show Me your Glory  by Keren Silver Chag Sameach  by The Lumbrosos Before the Rain  by Zachary Bruno Praise the Lord  by Ted Pearce & Beer Sheva Etz Chaim & Chalav Udavash & Roots  by Hillel Tokazier Songs in the Night  by Karen Davis Yerubilee & Arise and Shine  by Yerubilee His Mercy  by Michele Acito One New Man  by Kathleen Susnjar Yigdal Adonai  by   Shemen Sasson Shadows  by Miriam In The Presence of YAH  by Lee Rothman   Come Away with Me  by Tziyon's Call   In the Land of the Living  by Rosalind Hershkovitz   Simple Songs of Scripture by Kelly Ferrari Mills

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  ברכים הבאים

Barucheem HaBa-eem 

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